Meet the newest member of our team

We have a new team member! Help me in welcoming Minhaj to the Tranzlogix team! Minhaj has been a cheerful patron supporting the efforts to build the US market for Tranzlogix. Minhaj has been doing IT consulting for enterprises and federal projects for the past decade. With his rich experience on evaluating reporting tools, ¬†interactive... Continue Reading →

Meet the D.C. Team

Our team is expanding! Meet Antony Johan. Antony is our VP of Channel Development for the Northeast Region. He is in charge of all of our client relations in the Northeast, and focuses on nurturing all of our relations in that area. Antony has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Business Management. He has... Continue Reading →

Meet the India Team

Now that you have met our United States based team members, let's take a trip to India! Our team overseas is phenomenal and they work very hard to continuously implement new technologies and constantly communicate with all members of the team. Our team is located in Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Nagercoil and has over 50 members.... Continue Reading →

Meet the Texas Team

Our team in Texas may be small, but it plays a crucial role in our success! Yasin is on the forefront of Tranzlogix in Texas, and he works diligently to lead our team. Although he is the only employee in Texas currently, he communicates with all of our team constantly and plays a major role... Continue Reading →

Meet the Midwest team

Now that you all have an idea of who works in our Atlanta office. It's time for us to introduce you to the Midwest team. The Midwestern Tranzlogix team features our Program Director Sandra Bastow, our CFO and General Counsel Chris McClurg, and last but not least our Consultant Ananth Submramanian. This dynamic and very... Continue Reading →

Meet the Atlanta Team

Our team is spread far and wide, with members in India, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio and many other places. Over the next few weeks I would like to take you on a journey to meet the people behind Tranzlogix. This week we will start with our all-star Atlanta team! The ATL based team is comprised of... Continue Reading →

Tranzlogix partners with IntelliTrans

Tranzlogix Solutions has been in the transportation, logistics and supply chain management business for 12 years. We specialize in providing digital solutions for problems in the trucking industry on all fronts. The provided solutions help brokers, suppliers, drivers, and carriers increase visibility. In recent years we have developed a marketplace for ELDs called Through... Continue Reading →

A One Stop ELD Shop

Looking for an ELD or ELD enhancements? We have you covered. Visit our one stop eld service catalog at¬†, by clicking the aforementioned link, which eliminates time spent searching by locating many product solutions in one place.There you are able to compare features of the leading ELD's in one place based off of features and... Continue Reading →

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