Trucking seeks higher profile on automated vehicle policy

A wide-ranging Capitol Hill hearing on trucking safety managed to drill into a policy sticking point for the industry – maintaining a seat at the table on discussions around automated vehicle (AV) regulations. Titled “Under Pressure: The State of Trucking in America,” the June 12 hearing before the Highway and Transit Subcommittee of the House Transportation... Continue Reading →

Four models forecasting trucking spot rates in 2019

The trucking freight futures market expects a modestly strengthening price environment for the rest of the year. The forward curve, which charts the price of monthly trucking freight futures contracts expiring in the future, indicates that the market expects national average spot rates to stay above 2016 levels for the rest of the year, although... Continue Reading →

Android’s Rise in Trucking

Telematics Vendors Migrate to Popular Mobile Operating System The mobile device revolution has dramatically altered telematics and mobile communications in the trucking industry as tech­nology suppliers have introduced an ever-expanding array of business applications for smartphones and tablets. But the change didn’t stop there. Even traditional in-cab terminals with fixed-mount displays — which remain popular with many... Continue Reading →

Where’s “my” freight?

Good day! What a difference a few months makes. The highly anticipated truckload capacity crisis and the ensuing truckload rate party lasted from late 2017 through late 2018. Beginning in early 2019 – surprise – the rating party was over. It feels like carriers have quickly gone from the best party since deregulation in 1980... Continue Reading →

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