Meet the India Team

Now that you have met our United States based team members, let’s take a trip to India! Our team overseas is phenomenal and they work very hard to continuously implement new technologies and constantly communicate with all members of the team. Our team is located in Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Nagercoil and has over 50 members. They are a handpicked group who have a passion for innovation and growth within the transportation space. The team in India helps to produce our advances into artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain within the transportation industry. In this post, we will highlight Gowtham Potnuru, our Director of Customer Relationship Management; Kadir Nanjappa, Advisory CTO; Saravanan Alalasundaram, one of our Technology Consultants; Sugadev K, our Director of Operations; and Vijay Thomson, one of our Managing Partners. We will also highlight our other outstanding team members located in many parts of India!

GowthamSenPotnuruGowtham Sen Potnuru is our Director of Customer Relationship Management, he is a technology evangelist and Inventor. Gowtham has done his masters in computer applications at the reputed Institute “GITAM”, Vishakapatnam. He has also filed several patents, three of which were Granted by USPTO and 4 of which are still under review. He has 13+ years of experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Gowtham has worked at companies like TCS, Deloitte and CA Technologies. He has lead Product Management teams to enable BI and analytics in multiple products. He has been with Tranzlogix for 4 years and his role has consistently been to deliver top notch products in the transportation Industry. His primary focus is on defining tech stack, architecture, defining the products from business use cases to technology driven use cases and achieve desirable results for the trucking industry. Since the trucking industry has enormous data to bring intelligence to, he has begun to strengthen this area and position Tranzlogix to leverage data science and artificial intelligence to enable the trucking industry to make faster and more effective decisions. In his free-time Gowtham likes to hang out with his friends and travel.

kadirKadirvel Nanjappa, Advisory CTO is an integral part in developing Alexa Voice Assistant and Truck tax product integrations with Tranzlogix. He is affectionately addressed as “Kadir” by everyone. Kadir is a Physics graduate from Madras University and has 3 decades of experience in the Technology domain, providing solutions for governments and large enterprises. He considers himself a Globe traveler and has done business in far flung places. Growing up he was a passionate Basketball player and currently has avid interests in politics, astrology, aerospace and medicine. He has one son and a beloved Wife, they have made Chennai their home base to be close to their large extended family who are located there as well.

sugadevSugadev K, is a physics graduate with his business degree from Annamalai University. He is spear heading Development Operations as Managing Director for Tranzlogix. Sugadev has 20 years of experience in the Transport Industry in India, operating trucking services and providing IT solutions for Trucking Companies. By Operating Trucks between SPIC Tuticorin, Dalmiya Cement, Mettur Thermal Plant he is able to understand industry challenges. He focuses on visualizing the application both in Web and mobile applications for day to day Operations, by implementing features like mapping solutions, route optimization, geo fencing, vehicle diagnostics and other latest technologies. In his free time, Sugadev is a Martial Arts Master and celebrated rotarian who enjoys seeing his sons growing into men with his beloved wife.

sara.jpgSaravana is a Technology Consultant at Tranzlogix, and is our newest member to the team. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from AMIE and a Graduates degree in Foreign Trade Management. Saravana has 20 years IT experience, 9 years in India, 3 years in Malaysia and 8 Years in Singapore. His role in our company is to enable Tranzlogix to roll out products effectively by applying Enterprise Architecture, Project and Product Management with communication skills and also integrating the information flow between relevant teams. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with family, travel and drive to explore nice places, and play classical guitar.

vijay (3)Vijay Tennyson Thomson, is a protean being handling enterprise level business activities from marketing, finance, operations and strategy from Goa, India. A techno-commercial personality with hands on experience with names like Microsoft, Lloyd TSB, Morgan Stanley, Religare Finvest Ltd, Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd, P&G, HLL, Cipla, Reliance Industries Ltd, Sesa Goa Ltd, Dlink Ltd, MRF Ltd etc. At Tranzlogix, in his role as Managing Partner he joins hands with veterans in product delivery, strategic consultation and execution with keen focus on Integration of logistics and transportation in the USA, India and Middle East.  This opportunity needs Strategic Partnership Evaluation, Business Process Improvement, Cost Optimization Strategies, Cash Flow Projections, Investor Relations, Policy/ Regulatory affairs, & Corporate Communications, all skills that he has. Vijay is a gold medalist from a reputed Indian Business School majoring in International Business along with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering. He loves to talk, fund raise for charity, play with underprivileged kids and listen to whatever you have to say.

dev team 4

In Nagercoil, we have our headquarters of the development team, and there they focus on the development of our e-commerce platforms, and web based applications.

In Chennai, our team focuses on engineering telematics and ELD expertise. Here the team has focused on working on our Alexa Voice Command device, in conjunction with AVS a subsidiary of Amazon.

In Hyderabad, we have a condensed focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The team located here focuses on building and perfecting our CRM platform and workflow capabilities.

In Dehli, we have our Chief Technology Architect. He is well versed in the technological space, and helps to keep the team on task.

dev team 2 (2).jpg

In Bangalore, the teams focus is on customer support. They excel at these tasks, and serve as a necessary tool to be sure that our customer satisfaction is high. They have a quick response time and resolve customer issues quickly.

In Coimbatore, we have our extended Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing team. They work to make sure that our websites and social media pages are perfect and contain informational and relative content for our customers.

That brings us to the close of our journey to meet our team for now. As we are constantly growing, we are constantly on-boarding new members of the team so be on the lookout for new members in the future! I hope that you have enjoyed learning about our team members and that knowing us has given you a better understanding of the kind of care and passion that Tranzlogix has. Please feel free to leave us some feedback in the comments section and let us know what you think!



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