About Us

TruckerCloud Solutions has been a leader in trucking solutions and supply chain management for the past 14 years. We provide excellent service for our clients by solving their many complex problems. As the trucking industry moves forward into a digital age, TruckerCloud is at the forefront of innovation by providing digital and technologically advanced solutions to issues of the trucking industry. We are able to do this through our ELDmarketplace, which provides users access to the top vendors of ELD’s and other devices alike.TruckerCloud plays a leading role in the transportation industry holding a board member position in the Logistics and Transportation Association of North America (LTNA), which is the umbrella organization for 50+ regional transportation clubs and associations across the Continental US, Canada and Mexico. We recently partnered up with industry leaders to create hands-free, voice activated capabilities for trucks to reduce fines, increase safety, and increase logging and invoice capabilities. TruckerCloud is also an active member in BiTA (Blockchain in Transportation Alliance) and is playing a key role in standardizing data gathered through ELDs and related Telematics devices. These are just a few of our highly innovative solutions, to find out more please visit eldmarketplace.com.


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